Money energy recording


This healing audio is channeled to heal your negative money beliefs, thoughts, fears, lineage and general energies related to money. And to raise the vibrations to the frequency that you attract wealth more easily  everyone deserves it. In this way, I treat all those energies which are the most common blockages in energy flows. Shame, money disputes, overuse or teasing. This healing recording is supporting you in the change that you yourself will eventually make, changing your thoughts about money. Gratitude is the strongest magnet for all good things. I wish you, the subscriber, much prosperity in every area of ​​your life. The channeled healing energy comes is an audio file that you can download to your mobile phone or computer. You can use the recording as many times as you feel good. The audio file works best with headphones. 

This is how you receive the audio file: 

1. Pay for the product. 

2. After that you will receive a link to the audio file in your email within 24 hours. 

3. Receive healing energy at a time that is good to you, in a quiet place if possible. You can receive the healing energy as many times as you want. It is common that receiving the energy again strengthens its effect. 

With Love, Riina

20.00 €