Stress relief channeling

Let it go

This healing-recording is aimed at relieving stress, and letting go of it. The energies of this recording support you on many different levels, and you can surrender to the gentle restorative energy. When the body and mind calm down, they automatically begin to seek balance. The recording can also be used if you have experienced symptoms of weakness or burnout.

Many different energies were channeled in that recording, e.g. mother earth energy, kundalin energy activation, etc. The recording is about 12 minutes, and you can listen to it anywhere and anytime. You can listen it with headphones, for example, even during lunchtime on a working day. Receiving recording does not always require that you need to separately arrange time for relaxation. The energy is efficient and has a quick effect. 

This is how you receive the healing audio file: 

1. Pay the product. 

2. After that you will receive a link to the audio file in your email within 24 hours. 

3. Receive healing at a time that suits you, in a quiet place if possible. You can receive it as many times as you want. It is common that taking it again strengthens its effect. 

With Love. Riina

15.00 €